Board of Directors

David Gereghty

Founder & President

David Gereghty is the Founder and President of Global Tabernacle of David, a worldwide network of prophetic worshippers and intercessors dedicated to the worship and adoration of King Jesus and bringing heavenly solutions to address earthly issues. He is an experienced and passionate worship leader with training and leadership experience in both intercession and prophetic ministry. He has served local churches over the past thirty years as a worship leader, youth leader, intercessor, and has had the pleasure to serve on various church leadership committees. 
Raised in a Christian home, David has followed the Lord his whole life. He was baptized in the spirit at the age of eight and then in water at the age of ten. He has a calling over his life to build up and serve the Body of Christ around the world. The Lord has had him travel all over the United States for worship and as well as for music-related business purposes. In his late-teens and early twenties, David was sent out to serve around the world on various mission trips including Russia, as part of an intercessor team, South Africa, for an evangelism campaign. He later moved to South Africa for a year to serve as a worship leader where he served on teams that discipled youth at various churches and community outreaches around the country. He has made several trips to Mexico serving their poor and needy populations through his long-time partnership with Voice of the Bride Ministries.  
David is the devoted husband of Leslie Gereghty and father of two girls, Calleigh and Caitlin. His family is at the center of his ministry. They are the single most important calling over his life as a husband and dad.

Michele Derwin


Michele Courten Derwin, is currently holding the position of Treasurer for Global Tabernacle of David. She has led worship and participated on worship teams in churches throughout New York State. She believes passionately that the Amos 9:11 prophecy is near, which states: “In that day I will raise up the booth of David that is fallen and repair its breaches, and raise up its ruins and rebuild it as in the days of old.” This includes  24 hour night and day worship as well as bringing praise and adoration to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and making His name famous throughout the earth.  All nations and all people are part of His inheritance.  We accept the mandate to spread the Good News of the Kingdom of God and the Love of the Father to all mankind. 
She is an ordained and Accredited as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through “International Apostolic Ministries” – a global ministry serving the nations. She has been part of this apostolic family for 15+ years.  Worship is a big part of this family as well.  Throughout the Bible, prophecy was done with stringed instruments, song and dance. It has been said that worship – as well and blessing and praising our creator and Lord, El Shaddai –  heals and revives angels weary from battling opposing forces. 
Michele has spent a number of years writing grants for music and the arts through the decentralization program of  New York State first for the Sacandaga Valley arts Network and then the Wells NY free library. Prior to that being licensed as a physical therapy assistant and massage therapist. 

Shannon Smith


Shannon Smith is the Secretary of Global Tabernacle of David, a world-wide network of prophetic worshippers and intercessors dedicated to the worship and adoration of Jesus and bringing heavenly solutions to address earthly problems. Shannon is a worshipper of the Most High God by Holy Spirit led prophetic dance and banner wielding. She has been involved as a dancer in various Throne Room Worship gatherings.
Shannon is passionate about ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth through Throne Room Worship. She became a Christian in her mid-twenties and has never looked back. Jesus is the Lord of her life and her first love. She has served on the prayer team at her home church for a number of years.
With twenty plus years of administrative experience she has worked in predominately Executive Assistant roles. Shannon is also the mother of her son, Malachi.

Rene Gereghty

General Member

I’m very grateful that God keeps leading me into new adventures and is right there with me along the way. That’s why being a part of Global Tabernacle of David is a real honor. It is a “new wine skin” for His brand new wine at this new time & era that the world desperately needs. This presents a different emphasis on uniting the Body of Christ in worship which is essential to see things from God’s point of view. So I’m learning & discovering as we get established & grow.
Grant is my husband, David, (GToD Founder) is my son, and I have 6 other grown children, 15 grandchildren and one great grand daughter. We were foster parents for 10 years and during that time we ended up adopting four of our foster children. We had an open home with many different people living with us throughout our 50 years of marriage. I also worked with children in many different capacities in the educational realm – preschool, private & public schools, guidance office, special education & home school.
I have a passion for Chinese brush & ink painting, writing and all things “girlfriends”. I’m on several prayer teams, and love reading & studying the Word. I want to always keep growing & learning.

James Mullen

General Member

James Mullen is a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of his earliest and fondest memories include the worship at charismatic prayer meetings put on by his grandmother in the Philippines during the eighties. He currently lives in the Washington, D.C. area, where he worked in government and political circles for a number of years as an IT Director. Today, using some of the expertise gained in this field, James helps to produce Breath of Heaven with Janine Horak, an online show that emphasizes the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers today. He’s also been a student at Georgian Banov’s Global School of Celebration, where the Finished Work of Christ is emphasized, along with the healing and prophetic gifts. James serves the Lord as a keyboardist on the worship team of his local church, Anchor DC.

Carol Kiger-Rice

General Member

Carol hails from the east coast of the U.S., and has been in full time ministry for 26 years.  Carol is an ordained pastor, and worship leader, having led worship in both the church, as well as in public places around the world.   Carol believes that the combination of worship and intercession, are key ingredients to bringing GOD’s kingdom here on earth, as it is in Heaven.  She wants to see ‘every day’ believers, involved in releasing His presence, through such expressions as dance, art, music, spoken word, and through focus on Scripture.  She has traveled the nations, seeking to release this, and currently focuses, in particular, on partnering with First Nations, to see breakthrough come.  Carol and her husband Wayne, lead Voice of the Bride worship and compassion ministries, out of Southern California, seeking to bring basic needs to the poor, and bring prophetic and intercessory worship, around the world.  Carol and Wayne reside in San Diego, with their 3 dogs, Winston, Salem and Moravia, named after the Moravian roots they both carry.