Our Story

How it all started...

In August of 2020 the Lord began to speak to me (David Gereghty) about a "new thing" that He wanted to do on the earth regarding night and day worship and intercession. At this time, He gave me a couple of visions regarding the gathering of His worshippers from all over the world for the sole purpose of worship and adoration of King Jesus before His throne. It was during this season that the Lord gave me His heart to build a Global Tabernacle of David. So in January of 2021, I put out a "clarion call" to see who might be interested in joining me on this journey to build a global, prophetic worship and prayer movement. What came from that was the birth of the vision the Lord had put on my heart. Over the subsequent 12 months a small team of us, representing 3 countries and 4 states, began gathering together regularly, on-line, from our individual homes across the globe, via Zoom. We have all come together from very diverse backgrounds but with one single purpose: boldly coming before the throne of Jesus, casting down our crowns at His feet, and worshiping Him and His holiness. As we continue to worship together regularly, the Lord continues to deepen our relationships and knit our hearts together in such a profound way, that only He can do. Many of us have never even met in person, only on-line and yet here we are worshipping, prophesying and praying together to see the kingdom of heaven come and transform the kingdoms of this world.

Building a movement...

Since the beginning of 2021, the Global Tabernacle of David team have been meeting together regularly on-line hosting worship and prayer sessions. We have leaders and participants from all over the world coming together in worship and adoration of Jesus. These worship sessions are available by invitation to join "on-screen" or open to public viewing and participation via Live Stream (YouTube, Facebook, or SubSplash). Each session is recorded and later reviewed by our team to document what the Lord spoke to us during our time and assessed for any direction or instruction He may have given us act upon.

In 2022, we officially became a religious nonprofit organization, established a Board of Directors, and set up a Leadership Council. Then in October of that year we had our official public launch by hosting a 25-hour On-line Global Worship Event. We had worshippers from seven different nations and across eight states, come together taking one to two hour worship slots to pull off this amazing time of global worship of the King.

Although we are still in the infancy of this journey, we know that this is a season of building, in order to advance our mission and vision to become a 24/7 place of worship and adoration for ALL nations. We are well on our way towards our ultimate goal of launching night and day houses of worship around the world.

Where we are going...

Our goal is to establish day and night worship  centers across the world that are focused on worshiping around the throne of Jesus, praying His will to be manifest on the earth just as it is in heaven. We have started this journey by hosting regular worship meetings online, with each participant joining from their individual homes, work spaces, offices, or wherever they are able. From here we plan to grow into larger facilities around the world for corporate gatherings all the while remaining connected online with our worldwide teams.

To accomplish this mandate we will need to employe full time staff from around the world that are skilled in leading worship, facilitating prophetic teams, intercessory teams, tech and IT divisions, as well as administration and operational oversight. Our vision is big, but our God is even bigger! We are seeking those who would like to come and join us in this mission.

Supporting Global Tabernacle of David is all about cultivating relationship and building up the global Body of Christ. We want to see everyone with a passion for living a worshipping lifestyle and a calling to advance the heart of God for houses of worship around the world, to come and work with us in this pursuit. We also want those with kingdom resources who believe in what we are doing to partner with us so together we can build this end time worship movement and prepare the way of the Lord’s return.

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